January 03, 2010


As we face this New Year, we ae facing a God-sized challenge: How will we complete the expansion within several short weeks— and what contribution will you personally be making toward the effort. All of the above, as mentioned– requires one major thing— GOD!!


Do NOT miss the opportunity God has placed right under your very nose, to participate in the move of His hand of provision and the move of His Spirit in unifying the body of Christ in a way that tells the world, we belong to Him!


As we say every week— it takes extraordinary effort on each of our parts to bring about:

The faithful praying of God’s people

The sacrificial giving of God’s people

The devoted work of God’s people





We gave the go-ahead to our tile layer to begin work this coming week.

The install of the sprinkler system is now complete except for setting head and making final conections

Parking lot lighting work began last week and will complete this week. Still need $7000 for the light poles

WE STILL NEED: - $131,500
Each week the number goes down— but reality is that our timetable of occupancy is tied to this need, May we be found faithful in the task ahead of us...most of all prayerful, follwed immediately by obedient.

A NEW BROCHURE regarding our current needs is available to share with others who may want to join us in this effort. Please see Pastor Roger for details—



Our 1000 by Faith Campaign is simply this— 1000 envelopes to be filled in faith by God’s people with $1000 each until we reach DEBT FREE status. Get yours today. You will see a table on the boardwalk after the service. Someone there will explain the process.


Total envelopes taken last week—1

Total to date — 57

Total envelopes received in full— 15


Have you stretched your faith this week?

Click Below To Get Your Envelope





January 01, 2010

Do You Have One of the 1000 Envelopes?



Are you among the people who snagged one of the 1000 envelopes that represent a step of faith toward completion of this project?


Maybe you’ve struggled trying to figure out how in the world, given the current state of economy for most folks, you could ever come up with $1000.


First remember that you don’t have to do it all at once. Some may immediately fill their envelope. Some may do it a few dollars at a time, or just loose change in a jar on the counter. Some may choose to work extra for it, while others may share the story with friends and enlist their help.


The point is not how fast, but how much faith it helps you build as you trust God. That’s why we encourage you to make PRAYER the center of your own personal envelope campaign. Let God show you how to do it. Obey His voice and watch your faith grow.


To help you out we’ve listed just a few of the ways we have heard people talk about how they will fill their envelopes. We would love to hear your stories, so please share them with us.



Click here to a list of ideas for filling your envelope in faith.