As we approach the final weeks of construction, we believe that the time has come to call together the “faith community” in an old-fashioned CHURCH-RAISING in a 21st century way.


Looking back at the 18th and 19th centuries, it was common place for an entire community to come together to build a church building at the center of the community. The visual impression given of true, authentic, Biblical community left lasting impact upon the people as they selflessly gave to the needs of others.


After 19 years of trusting, persevering and waiting the Immanuel Church family now turns to our own faith community here in Indian River County with a call to join us in these final weeks as we

“build by faith” and complete this expansion project for the “glory of God.”



Here is what has been invested by faith to date:

Over $ 1,000,000.00 by the Immanuel Church family

$600,000 in a partnership agreement (loan) from the North American Mission Board

An estimated 7,500 volunteer man-hours






We invite the churches within our community to join us in this old-fashioned church raising effort in 21st Century-style. We believe the result will be a powerful testimony of God’s grace and a picture to our community of what it means to be His disciple, by demonstrating our love for one another


We believe it also models a powerful principle of having a Kingdom mindset, heart and a reality that the church is not a building— but it’s God’s people… we are Christ’s body.


Here is how your church can join in this testimony:

 Agree to communicate and receive a love offering on Sunday, January 31 during your regular Sunday worship service(s) to toward the final completion of the new Immanuel Worship & Children’s Center

Host a visiting couple/family from Immanuel Church on Sunday 1/24 to recognize during your service(s) and to announce the “church raising” effort that your church will participate in the following Sunday.

On 1/31 host this family again and allow them to represent Immanuel Church as you have a time in your service to pray for the “church raising,” also for all churches in our area that day and for our community at large.

On 2/7 host this family one final time so that they can share a praise report and testimony of what God has done and celebrate with your church family God’s great love for us.

Agree to participate in a video documentary of this old-fashioned church raising to be hosted by Lauren Chapin, of the 60’s TV Show Father Knows Best– more details later

Agree to let us memorialize your church’s participation in this Kingdom effort in displays which will be permanently placed in the entries of ImmanuelChurch’s new Worship & Children’s Center.






Members, guests and friends of Immanuel, along with anyone else in the community or around the world will be encouraged to participate in the old-fashioned church-raising by:


Praying and asking God to show them what to bring toward the special offering that will be received
during the morning worship at Immanuel Church on 1/31—
(Those participating in the 1000 by Faith campaign may consider this as an opportunity to bring in what they have prepared to date)

By sharing this opportunity with as many people as possible. Here are just some suggestions:
Tell your neighbors and co-workers about it
Share this with those you do business with and invite them
E-mail those in your contact list and tell them—give them the web site
Post it on your Facebook or MySpace wall— post a link to the web site
Host some friends for coffee and dessert and tell them about it
Ask God to reveal unique ways in which He will use you in this church-raising

Stay informed as to what is going on so you will be able to share a testimony as to the miraculous hand of our God. If He cares about something as small and eternally insignificant as a building, then how much more does He care for us?