30 hour Famine

February 22-23 Immanuel Youth is Doing their 30 Hour Famine lockdown!

Join us, Talk to George, get a packet, Raise money for a child, and join us on this date. Everything is going to World Vision to help feed the hungry.

Make an online account to Set goals, Track your raisings, and let others see how your progress is gong. Just Click "30 Hour Famine" or Click Here.

Check out World Visions Facebook Page by clicking here!

Join Immanuels team by joing Here and join our 30 Hour famine on facebook And then come to the church on the days and serve.

Love God. 

       Serve the hungry.
               Do the Famine.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students in the U.S. and around the world unite to do the Famine. They learn about hunger, raise funds to help the hungry, and then go hungry themselves.